update_tinySEPTEMBER : We have our LAMDA results for 2018 !
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The Margaret Wilcox School of Speech and Drama was established in 1972 by Margaret and is based at Plumley Village Hall

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  • There are 5 hour-long classes per week held on Monday and Tuesday evening for students age 4-18.
  • The aim is to nurture confidence and self-esteem and to celebrate individual personalities.
  • The classes provide an outlet for self-expression using improvisation and mime, movement and role play, aiding the development of imagination and artistic awareness.
  • Social awareness and interpersonal skills are prioritised through drama games, team activities and group responsibilities.
  • There is an annual opportunity to take exams in Verse and Prose or Acting, following the LAMDA syllabuses.
  • Students are encouraged to bring to class books they have enjoyed reading and share their enthusiasm.
  • Copies of poems are provided for reading aloud and learning.
  • There is an opportunity for all students to perform, in costume if appropriate, on stage as part of a whole school presentation.

There is, of course, time for students to chat, laugh and have a great deal of FUN!